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Sunday, August 19, 2018


Tips for finding a lost pet

  1. Donít wait to see if your pet comes home. Start looking immediately The sooner you start looking, the better the chance of finding you pet.

  2. Knock on doors and talk to people in your neighborhood. You are more likely to find your pet with help from your neighbors.

  3. Hand out flyers with your petís picture. A flyer only needs to contain a good, clear picture of your pet along with a phone number that someone will be available to answer at any time. An individual with information about your pet may not call back if they are not able to reach someone on the first call.

  4. Go in person and check all local shelters and animal control facilities. The way you describe your pet may differ from the way a shelter employee would describe your pet. Animals can become dirty and neglected looking very quickly and even the friendliest, outgoing pet can become shy and withdrawn when lost. Visit all shelters in your area within 24 hours of your petís disappearance, then call back often and revisit shelters at least once a week until you pet is found.

  5. Ask local business to post your flyer. Include any gas stations, restaurants, convenience stores and grocery stores located in or around your area.

  6. Talk to mail and delivery persons, newspaper carriers and construction workers in you area. Give them a copy of you flyers and ask them to watch for your pet!

  7. Distribute flyers to people who walk dogs in your neighborhood and in local parks. They and their dogs are more likely to notice a stray.

  8. Take flyers to any veterinarians, groomers, trainers and pet stores in you area.

  9. Place an add in your local newspaper and in papers in the surrounding areas. Phone local radio stations, many will announce lost pets over the air.

  10. Donít give up too soon. Keep looking for at least a month. Lost pets have been recovered several months after they have disappeared. When you find you pet, please remember to call everyone who was kind enough to post your flyers and help you in your search.


    Ways to Increase the Odds of Finding Your Pet

    Keep a collar and current tags on your pet

    A collar with tags is still the fastest way to find your pet.

    Seriously consider having your pet microchipped

    Shelters, animal hospitals, kennels and humane societies nationwide now scan animals for microchips.

    Take pictures of your pet

    Have several current, clear photos available for flyers. If your pet gets its haircut, take before and after pictures.

  11. It would be in your best interest to check with all shelters and exhaust all of your efforts!!!!

  12. Below are local shelters contact information

     Kankakee Humane Foundation  - St. Anne, IL




    Sunrise Center Animal Rescue  - St. Anne, IL



     New Beginnings Cat Shelter  -  Bourbonnais, IL



     River Valley Animal Rescue  -  Momence, IL





    Call with a description of pet and they may

    announce it over the radio for free!!!!

    Phone number: 815-933-9287


    The Daily Journal

    Fees dependant on length and content of ad.

    Phone number: 815-937-3322


    Online resources

    Post a photo & brief description of your pet.







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